Part I includes our stories for our first two categories: Economy & Financial Markets and Geopolitics. Headlines have been placed in a Table Press associating each headline to the relevant Top Ten story by number. Scroll down below the ten questions to access the Table Press headlines.


Story #1: The Going Direct Global Reset Consolidates the Financial Coup

Six months of purposeful economic warfare, together with highly effective mind manipulation and control files, have succeeded in shutting down much of the world’s bona fide market economy—the small businesses, farms, churches, and cultural institutions that most people find essential but that politicians have declared “non-essential.” This has left the “Amazon economy,” benefiting from a zero percent cost of capital and Big Data, free to take over Main Street’s market share. Though it is still difficult for many to understand or accept, central banks and private corporations seem willing to pull the plug on many intermediaries (including sovereign governments) and appear intent on managing a transhumanist technocracy directly with AI, digital credits, and brain-machine interface injections. The question is, with the increased incoherence and breakdown in shared intelligence, will the technocrats succumb to their own programming?

Story #2: The Fed and Private Equity Piratize the U.S.

The average U.S. taxpayer is being squeezed by a dramatically shrinking economic pie, with the GDP falling by at least 8%, 0% interest on savings, a credit card borrowing rate of around 16%-17%, and a 7%-13% (or more) increased cost of household goods (Chapwood Index) that will likely continue to rise as shortages kick in. Even worse, most people’s biggest expense is taxes—the taxes that fund the officials who are destroying local businesses. Ten billion dollars in U.S. taxpayer monies have also gone to the biopharmaceutical industry for injections that will be liability-free even if they fail, injure, or kill. It is time to stop funding the machine that is stealing livelihoods and lives.

Story #3: Planet Equity and Real Assets Inflate

We are entering uncharted macroeconomic territory involving numbers that do not appear to conform to ordinary mathematical conventions and expectations. The hypermaterialist leadership does not understand that the economy is energetic and relies on a shared intelligence. The leadership’s model says that it is okay to operate in secrecy and debase the energetic field—and, in the process, destroy trust, productivity, and quality. We should not be surprised as their model moves and backfires in unpredictable ways.

Story #4: The Internet of Things Gold Rush Embraces Transhumanism

The urban riots in the U.S. have exhibited a number of interesting patterns that smack of the corrupt redevelopment practices that have long been part of the playbook that I observed working at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and using HUD’s data to map local financial ecosystems and patterns of mortgage and housing fraud. Notably, riots occurred in 34 of the 37 Fed locations. First, small businesses and enterprises were declared “non-essential, thus reducing or destroying their income; next, the riots began inflicting significant damage to small and minority-owned businesses and enterprises and their real estate assets. The Solari Report has mapped out and published the patterns of destruction in Minneapolis, Kenosha, and Portland (experiencing some of its worst-ever website hacking) and has noted significant destruction clustered in local Opportunity Zones. The Opportunity Zones may originally have been envisioned as a tax shelter, but it looks like the private equity crowd recognizes several other “opportunities”—not least of which is the ability to scoop up real estate and further the smart grid build-out on the cheap.

Story #5: Mark of the Beast: Central Bank Cryptos Get Serious

The planet’s central bankers are in the invention room, prototyping a global governance and financial system on an almost make-it-up-as-they-go basis. As they promote what increasingly looks like a Mark of the Beast system (Revelation 13), Christians and non-Christians alike seem to be having trouble connecting the dots. Many efforts are being made to keep the different developments needed to implement technocracy and transhumanism separate in the public’s mind—in tech, big pharma, the military, banking, government, and so forth. To explain churches’ passivity in the face of Covid-19-related events, we have to acknowledge phenomena such as church infiltration, debt entrapment, and control files. Fortunately, there are signs that Covid-19 could help launch an underground church movement driven by those who recognize that freedom comes to us by divine authority.


Story #6: The U.S. China Stealth War Escalates – The Quad Emerges

We are in a dangerous geopolitical moment. By all appearances, a covert hot war is playing out between the U.S. and China, and an emerging “Quadruple Entente” (the U.S., Japan, India, and, as Dr. Farrell speculates, Russia rather than Australia) is now positioning itself to contain China still further. Meanwhile, Xi Jinping is contending with unprecedented (and possibly engineered) flooding, crop failures, internal political opposition, a failed border fracas with India, a disintegrating Silk Road, and the U.S.-China space race. Despite the challenges, China continues to have the strongest economy in 2020. Other interesting strategic developments signal that the rest of the world would still like to create financial (and military) mechanisms that bypass the “non-agreement-capable” U.S. Relationships to watch include Russia and Japan, Russia and Europe (especially the City), and Japan and India—two technological and engineering juggernauts who have just signed a mutual military logistics pact.

Story #7: Europe: Can the Middle Empire Manage the AI Superpowers?

Space is becoming an increasingly prominent geopolitical variable. For example, we see growing signals that France and Germany intend to make serious investments in space (with implications for their long-term military and cyberwarfare capabilities), and the UK and Australia are also joining forces in space. Another key Commonwealth player to watch is India. As the two AI superpowers (the U.S. and China) become increasingly difficult to deal with, Europe has the potential to offer a middle option. The question is whether Europe can reject idiocracy and technocracy (and continue to support high culture, scientific excellence, and productivity). The pushback against the fake Covid-19 narrative and shutdown of cultural institutions—most notably by the German people—is a positive sign.

Story #8: The Magic Virus: The Shortcut to Central Control

Increasingly, “Going Direct” looks like a plan that intends to let private corporations control the “databeast” (via the Amazon, Microsoft, and Leidos clouds) while ushering local and state governments into bankruptcy and either complete dependence on the central banks or irrelevance. The question is, why have so many mayors and governors gone along with the destruction of their tax base? Control files and fiscal unsoundness are probably partial answers, but another explanation could be that there is a weaponized pathogen and electromagnetic component of the Magic Virus that can be turned on and off and used as a threat. It also likely suits Mr. Global’s purpose to paint a picture of politicians as grossly incompetent and corrupt so as to break down the public’s trust in the institutions of governance.

Story #9: Weaponized People Are Used to Fake Civil Wars

The pandemic has made it clearer than ever that there are two broad groups of people: those who know they have ingested mind control (and no longer wish to do so), and those who are still in a mind-controlled trance (but don’t know it). Covid-19 also seems to represent a concerted effort to wear people down with constant fear-mongering until they give up. Unfortunately, it is not possible to exit the matrix without first recognizing that it exists. Other important exit steps include avoiding disinformation and the “propatainment” media, and choosing to engage only with people and institutions of high integrity. With a leadership that is either ruthless or muzzled by secrecy and FASAB-56-enabled private armies and a public weaponized as snitches, our choices about who we associate with will become even more important.

Story #10: Can We Talk about the Israeli Organized Crime Problem?

Israel pretends it is a sovereign nation, but its leadership behaves like an organized crime syndicate—one that cleverly protects itself by branding its critics as anti-Semitic. The Israeli syndicate’s influence in the domains of IT back doors, cryptocurrencies, and cyberwarfare—and the large number of U.S. politicians alleged to have dual citizenship—are likely major reasons why the U.S. is not “agreement-capable.” And let’s not forget that a Rhodesian-born Israeli American ran the development and approval of “Going Direct.”

DateHeadlineCorresponding StorySourceTag
2020-06-30Bank of International Settlements (BIS) Expands North American & European Hubs1SolariMr. Global, Reset
2020-07-01Interview 1559 - James Corbett Discusses The Great Reset1Corbett ReportEpidemics, Big Brother, Vaccines, Bill Gates
2020-07-09The Global Reset - Unplugged. "The Deep State"1Global ResearchMr. Global, Reset
2020-07-13"Who's really in charge here?"1Dr. Ed SpencerUnaswered Questions
2020-07-17Now Comes the Davos Global Economy "Great Reset". What Happens After the Covid-19 Pandemic?1Global ResearchEpidemics, Economics
2020-07-20The Global Elite & The Coronavirus Coup D'état With Patrick Wood1Spiro SkourasEpidemics, Big Brother,Economics
2020-07-27Tucker Carlson: -People Who Run This Country Are No Longer Shocked1Fox NewsCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-07-302020 BIS AGM1 Central banks and the new world of payments1BISMr. Global, Reset
2020-07-31Accounting standards and insurer solvency assessment1BISTransparency
2020-07-31George Gammon: Global Elite "Great Reset" Agenda (Shocking Discoveries Revealed)1Market SanityReserve Currency, Epedemics, Reset
2020-09-04Global Technocracy And The "Great Reset" Is Coming Like A Bullet Train1Technocracy NewsWEC, Big Brother, Epidemics
2020-09-10Say goodbye to globalization as 'The Age of Disorder' is coming - Deutsche Bank1RTThe Reset
2020-09-29Alison Hawver McDowell - Live Q&A on the Covid Reset and Fourth Industrial Revolution1ArguFestGreat Reset, Big Brother
2020-03-30Icahn Called BlackRock An Extremely Dangerous Company the Fed Has Chosen It to Manage Its Corporate Bond Bailout Programs2Wall St. on ParadeThe Fed, Black Rock, Tapeworm
2020-03-01 2020 Stimulus Tracker in light blue bar menu2SolariStimulus
2020-06-27David Stockman On What Could Happen If The Fed Loses Control2Zero HedgeThe Fed, Stimulus
2020-07-05What if BlackRock is Appointed The Auditor?2Twitter StoriesThe Tapeworm, Economics
2020-07-06Top Men at Justice Department with Final Say on Goldman Sachs Felony Charges Got Big Payouts from Kirkland & Ellis - Goldman's Law Firm2Wall St. on ParadeThe Tapeworm
2020-07-07Gates, Bezos-backed Firm Searching for Cobalt in Canada2Global ResearchResources, Gates
2020-07-09S&P Forecasts $2.1 Trillion In Global Bank Credit Losses Over Next Two Years2Zero HedgeEpidemics, Economics
2020-07-09U.S. Supreme Court deems half of Oklahoma a Native American reservation2ReutersCivil War II, OK
2020-07-14House Hearing Today Examines Wall Street's Brand of Capitalism Versus the Health of the U.S. Economy2Wall St. on ParadeEpidemics, Economics, Stimulus
2020-07-15This Is a Financial Extinction Event2Charles Hugh SmithEpidemics, Economics
2020-07-17New SEC Rule Means Holdings Of Dalio, Einhorn, Soros And More Could Go Completely Dark2Zero HedgeStimulus
2020-07-21Dodd-Frank Is 10 Years Old Today and the Fed Is Back to Bailing Out Wall Street2Wall St. on ParadeStimulus, The Fed, Big Brother
2020-07-23Federal Reserve Board announces expansion of counterparties in the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility, Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility, and Commercial Paper Funding Facility2Federal ReserveStimulus
2020-07-24Goldman Sachs Agrees to Pay Billions to Drop Criminal Charges Against Them2Martin ArmstrongThe Tapeworm
2020-07-24Citigroup Has Been Paying Out More than It Earned for Years; Now It Has $102.5 Billion in Debt Maturing within Three Years2Wall St. on ParadeThe Tapeworm
2020-07-25Corrupt DOJ Finally Caught For Going After Little Guys During Subprime Mortgage Crisis2Town HallSudden Violent Deaths, The Tapeworm
2020-07-29The Empire Will Strike Back: Dollar Supremacy Is the Fed's Imperial Mandate2Charles Hugh SmithUSD, Big Brother, The Fed
2020-08-01U.S. Gets a Debt Warning From Fitch as Stimulus Battle Rages2BloombergDebt, US
2020-08-03The Fed Has Secreted Away the Transactions of Three of Its Emergency Lending Programs2Wall St. on ParadeStimulus, The Fed, Big Brother
2020-08-05Wall Street Banks that Got the Biggest Fed Bailouts Have Been Dogs to Shareholders Over the Past 15 Years2Wall St. on ParadeMissing Money, Stimulus
2020-08-06Blackstone Is Buying For $4.7 Billion2Natural BlazeAcquisitions
2020-08-07Fed Chair Powell Had 4 Private Phone Calls with BlackRock's CEO Since March as BlackRock Manages Upwards of $25 Million of Powell's Personal Money and Lands 3 No-Bid Deals with the Fed2Wall St. on ParadeThe Fed, Black Rock, Conflict of Interest
2020-08-09Wall Street's Six Biggest Bailed-Out Banks: Their RAP Sheets & Their Ongoing Crime Spree2Better MarketsTBTF/TBTJ
2020-08-12The Fed's Silent Takeover of the U.S.2John TitusThe Fed, Stimulus
2020-08-12Wall Street Banks Are Dangerously Evading U.S. Derivatives Rules by Making Trades at Foreign Subsidiaries2Wall St. on ParadeDerivatives
2020-08-13Wall Street Banks Sell Off in Midst of Largest Treasury Auction in History2Wall St. on ParadeStimulus, The Fed, Big Brother
2020-08-13Apple Launches Unprecedented Second Bond Offering To Fund Billions In Buyback: How Much Will The Fed Buy2Zero HedgeFANG, Stimulus
2020-08-14Pull Back the Curtain on Efforts to Kill the U.S. Postal Service and Out Pops Koch Money2Wall St. on ParadePiratization, Post Office, Koch, Trump
2020-08-14Aid to "Badly Managed"States Versus Aid to "Badly Managed" Wall Street Banks2Wall St. on ParadeQE, Wall St. vs States
2020-08-203-Time Felon JPMorgan Chase Wants to Burnish Its Image by Co-Branding with the U.S. Postal Service’s 91 Percent Approval Rating2Wall St. on ParadeTBTF/TBTJ, USPS
2020-08-26When It Comes to JPMorgan, Warren Buffett Isn't Buying the Spin from the Fed and the Street2Wall St. on ParadeTBTF/TBTJ, Buffet
2020-08-27To: All Fannie Mae Single-Family SellersNew Adverse Market Refinance Fee2Fannie MaeMortgages
2020-08-28Goldman pays Malaysia $3.4 billion as part of 1MDB settlement2Straits TimesTBTF/TBTJ, Corruption
2020-08-29Federal Reserve issues FOMC statement2Federal ReserveStimulus, Epidemics
2020-08-29Here Are The Top 10 Takeaways From JPMorgan's Investor Call On The US Elections2Zero HedgeUS Elections
2020-09-02Why the Federal Reserve Chose Trump Over Hillary in 20162SGT ReportUS Elections, The Fed
2020-09-02U.S. Debt Is Set to Exceed Size of the Economy Next Year, a First Since World War II2WSJEpidemics, Economics
2020-09-03The Fed Provides an Unlimited Money Lifeline to Wall Street 30 Million Americans Facing Eviction Get a No-Money 4-Month Plan2Wall St. on ParadeEpidemics, Economics, Foreclosures
2020-09-10The Fed Has Loaned $1.2 Billion from its TALF Bailout Program to a Tiny Company with Four Employees2Wall St. on ParadeEpidemics, Economics, Stimulus
2020-09-15Ray Dalio Warns of Threat to Dollar as Reserve Currency2BloombergReserve Currency
2020-09-17The Fed Announces New Bank Stress Tests: Will Look at What Would Happen if a Major Counterparty Defaulted2Wall St. on ParadeThe Fed, Stress Tests
2020-09-23New York City Faces Toughest Fiscal Crisis Since the 1970s2WSJEpidemics, Economics
2017-02-02DREAM Fund & Fund Sponsor3MN-OZAOpportunity Zones
2017-02-17The robot that takes your job should pay taxes, says Bill Gates3QuartzRobotics, Taxes
2020-06-09Livestock Groups Oppose Great American Outdoors Act3AgWebFood Emergency, Federal Lands
2020-06-3083 Tons Of Fake Gold Bars: Gold Market Rocked By Massive China Counterfeiting Scandal3Zero HedgeChina, Gold
2020-07-08Plunge In Consumer Credit Continues As Americans Repay Record Amounts Of Credit Card Debt3Zero HedgeConsumer Credit, Epedemics
2020-07-10Supreme Court Ruling on Oklahoma Tribal Land Raises Questions for Oil Industry3Hart EnergyTreaties
2020-07-11Biden's 2020 Party Platform Proposal Seeks to Abolish America’s Suburban Communities3BreitbartUS Elections, Biden
2020-07-14Labor Department Proposes New Rule to Limit Use of ESG Funds in Retirement Accounts3The StreetESG
2020-07-30Germans buy 83.5 tons of gold3Faz.netGold, Germany
2020-08-01Legislature votes on raising mining taxes3LV Review JournalTaxes
2020-08-01Ranked: Countries with the Best and Worst Pension Plans3Visual CapitalistPensions
2020-08-02Biggest Decline In Nominal Output & Income In Our Lifetime... While Stocks Gained $7 Trillion3Zero HedgeEpidemics, Tapeworm
2020-08-02Bank Of Ireland Is Now Imposing Negative Rates On Cash Held In Pensions3Zero HedgePensions, Negative Interest Rates
2020-08-05Foreign Investors Flock to Russian Government Bonds3WSJBonds, Russia
2020-08-14Technocracy Is Already Driving Tens Of Millions Into Extreme Poverty3Technocracy NewsEpidemics, Economics
2020-08-20California on fire3ESACA, Fires
2020-08-22'Historic in nature:' Some California fires scorching earth at 1,000 acres an hour3Fox2CA,Fires
2020-08-24Opportunity Zones Attract $75 Billion, May Lift 1 Million out of Poverty3The Epoch TimesPiratization
2020-08-2717 economic clues3UndernewsEpidemics, Economics
2020-08-27Opportunity zone3WikiBi-partisan, Piratization
2020-08-28Meet Fluffy! Ford hires Boston Dynamics' robot dog to scan its Michigan manufacturing plant with lasers to help employees retool3Daily Mail UKRobotics
2020-08-28FTC Probes Huge Financial Data Broker Yodlee3ViceTransportation, Infrastructure
2020-08-30$16 Billion Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund Approves A 5% Allocation For Gold3Zero HedgePensions, Gold
2020-09-07WA Just Got Lit Up Live!!3AGWNWestern US Fires
2020-09-10How California's wildfires could spark a financial crisis3ReutersCA, Fires, Economics
2020-09-10The West Coast Is on Fire: 'It Just Took Off as If There Was Jet Fuel'3Vice.comWest Coast, Fires
2020-09-15Man Arrested For Starting Wildfire With Molotov Cocktail, Gets Released From Jail, Starts 6 More Fires: Police3The Daily WireCivil War II, Big Brother, Western Fires
2020-06-19Dr. James Giodano: Weaponizing Brain Science, NueroWeapons, Neuroethics Part 1/24Autumn Targeted Individuals in NZSub-humanism, Creepy Tech
2020-06-25Dr. James Giodano: Weaponizing Brain Science, NueroWeapons, Neuroethics Part 2/24Autumn Targeted Individuals in NZSub-humanism, Creepy Tech
2020-07-02Tesla to make molecule printers for German COVID-19 vaccine developer CureVac4ReutersVaccines, Creepy Tech, Musk
2020-07-14The Microsoft Police State: Mass Surveillance, Facial Recognition, and the Azure Cloud4The InterceptBig Brother, IOT
2020-07-15Elon Musk 'a year away from creating Six Million Dollar Man 4Daily StarSub-humanism, Musk, Creepy Tech
2020-07-20Elon Musk claims Neuralink brain chip will eventually be able to stream music directly into peoples' brains4Daily Mail UKCreepy Tech, Musk
2020-08-19Pause (k) 0:07 / 33:28 Humans 2.0: GMO Vaccinations and Transhumanism4Technocracy NewsTranshumanism
2020-08-20Transhumanism: Super-rich ‘Biohackers’ Are Injecting Teenagers’ Blood To Stay Young4Technocracy NewsSub-humanism
2020-08-21Human 2.0 ? A Wake-Up About COVID19 Vaccine - Dr. Carrie Madej (video)4BitchuteVaccines, Big Brother, Transhumanism
2020-08-25IBM Says Flaw in Millions of Wireless IoT Modules Make Medical Devices, Smart Meters, etc. Defenseless to Cyberattacks4Activist PostData Beast
2020-08-28Would you put Elon Musk's chip in your brain? Tesla boss unveils his Neuralink implant - which could allow humans to control computers with their minds - then demonstrates it on pigs and appeals for Human volunteers4Daily Mail UKCreepy Tech, Musk
2020-08-29Compulsory moral bioenhancement should be covert4Wiley Online LibrarySub-humanism, Musk, Creepy Tech
2020-09-011 Mind Control, Entrainment, and US Patent 51597034Jeremy JamesMind Control
2020-09-08MIRROR Bigger Than Snowden Neuro Weapons Directed Energy Weapons Mind Control Targeted Individuals4Stop the Crime.netBig Brother, Targeted Individuals
2020-09-17A DARPA-Funded Implantable Biochip to Detect COVID-19 Could Hit Markets by 20214Technocracy NewsTranshumanism
2020-09-17And the encryption keys to the White House4Twitter StoriesData Beast
2020-09-21Theories, Evidence, and Bombshells4Corey DigsTranshumanism, Population Control
2019-04-05Coincidence? BlackRock Hires Former Ripple Executive5New EconomyBig Brother, Crypto
2019-06-22FATF Releases Global Standards for Crypto Assets5BitCoin.comCrypto
2020-06-30Bank of International Settlements (BIS) Expands North American & European Hubs5SolariMr. Global, Reset
2020-03-01The technology of retail central bank digital currency5BISCentral Banks, Crypto
2020-07-01COVID-19 Accelerates The Great War On Cash5Technocracy NewsWar on Cash
2020-07-09Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) On Cusp of Launching Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) - A Digital Version of the EC Currency, Coined DXCD5Blockchain NewsThe Fed
2020-07-09Gavin Newsom caught wiring half a billion dollars to communist China in massive face mask money laundering scheme5DC Dirty LaundryChina, CA
2020-07-22Interpretive Letter #1170, Athority of a National Bank to Provide Cryptocurrency Custody Services for Customers5OCCBig Brother, Crypto
2020-07-22Regulator grants approval for federal banks to hold cryptocurrency5Silicon AngleCentral Banks, Crypto
2020-07-23Bill Gates Pushing to Eliminate Physical Money5Martin ArmstrongGates, Crypto, Big Brother
2020-07-31Putin Signs Russian Crypto Bill Into Law5Coin DeskCrypto, Russia
2020-07-31Putin signs bill that will prohibit the use of cryptocurrencies for payment starting next year5Yahoo NewsCrypto, Russia
2020-08-06Goldman names new head of digital assets in bet that blockchain is the future of financial markets5CNBCCrypto, The Tapeworm
2020-08-06Are Cryptocurrencies Really a Hedge Against the Dollar?5Martin ArmstrongCrypto
2020-08-09Bitcoin-Hating Fed President Urges "Stricter Lockdown" To "Save Lives & Save The Economy"5Zero HedgeEpidemics, Big Brother, The Fed
2020-08-13Brainard Says Fed Is Conducting E-Money Tests for Research5BloombergCrypto, The Fed
2020-08-14Liquidity, Quantitative Easing, and Local Currencies5Giza Death StarLocal Currencies, Central Banks
2020-08-17AI-Blockchain Platform Creates Digital Assets From Personal Data5CoinTelegraphCreepy Tech, Crypto
2020-08-19What's Behind the Fed's Manufactured Coin Shortage?5John TitusThe Fed, Coin
2020-09-16The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) procurement may be grounded until at least February, according to a new timeline agreed to by the government and Amazon Web Services.5NextGovJEDI Contract, DOD
2020-02-09Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is biological warfare to decouple the US-China economies as a prelude to US attacking China in a fighting war6Cryptome.orgEpidemics, Big Brother, China, WW III
2020-06-241/4 China Flood Dam Pressure Intensifies | three gorges dam | collapse | millions people affected6China ObserverChina, Food Emergency
2020-06-24China warned to prepare for being cut off from US dollar payment system6Information Clearing HouseUSD, China
2020-06-25The India-China, Himalayan Puzzle6Consortium NewsChina, India
2020-06-27China sent martial artists to India border before deadly clash6Times of IndiaIndia, China, WWIII
2020-07-01The Emergence of the Quadruple Entente6Dr. Joseph P. FarrellChina, India, WWIII
2020-07-02The More Dialogue, The Greater the the War Party!6LaRouche Pack VideosWWIII
2020-07-02British Court Refuses To Release Venezuelan Gold To Maduro6Zero HedgeVenezuela
2020-07-05UK Govt to acquire OneWeb satellite constellation6Space WarSatellites
2020-07-06International call to halt extradition treaties with Hong Kong after China imposes tough national security law6SCMPHong Kong, China
2020-07-06How China’s Plastics Ban Threw Global Recycling into Disarray6Visual CapitalistChina, Recycling
2020-07-07Hong Kong Businessman: Joe Biden Election Would Mean Chinese Communists 'Won Against Free World'- 'Game Over'6BreitbartUS Elections, China
2020-07-08News and Views from the Nefarium July 8 20206Dr. Joseph P. FarrellChina
2020-07-09Seoul Mayor Found Dead After Massive Police Search6Zero HedgeSudden Violent Deaths, Korea
2020-07-13Cutting Chinese Suppliers from Government Supply Chains Will Cost Billions Every Year6NextGovChina, Mr. Global, Economics
2020-07-14Trump Signs Hong Kong Sanctions Bill, Pivots to Criticizing Biden6WSJHong Kong, China, WWIII
2020-07-15Seven ships catch fire at southern port - Tasnim agency6ReutersMiddle East, WWIII
2020-07-16Attorney General: China May Supplant U.S. If It Wins AI Race6NextGovAI, China, US
2020-07-21Worst Flooding in Decades Raises Concerns Over China’s Three Gorges Dam6WSJChina, Climate Change
2020-07-22U.S. Orders China to Close Houston Consulate6WSJWorld War III, China
2020-07-24The threat from AI is not that it will revolt, it's that it'll do exactly as it's told6CBCAI, Big Brother
2020-07-24China orders US consulate in Chengdu to cease operations in retaliation for Houston closure6CNNChina, WWIII
2020-07-26Virginia, Utah residents report receiving unsolicited packets of seeds in the mail reportedly from China6Fox NewsChina, Food Emergency, WWIII
2020-07-27Quad alliance forms "arc of democracy" around China6Asia TimesChina, WWIII
2020-07-27The Strange Seeds of Covert Ops?6Giza Death StarChina, Japan, Australia, India, Black Ops, Bio Weapons
2020-07-28Russia and the next Presidential election in the USA6The SakerUS Elections, Big Brother
2020-07-29A Dangerous Game Two Can Play6Giza Death StarInternal Threats US, Civil War II, Weaponized Social Justice
2020-07-29Silenced 2014 1080p6TYAFFWar on Terror, Big Brother
2020-07-30A Distributing GPS Hack…6Giza Death StarTech, Hacking, GPS
2020-07-30Student arrests in Hong Kong deepen 'white terror' fears6Time of IndiaHong Kong, China
2020-08-03Three Gorges Dam Update August 3 2020 / War w/ India6DreadopediaClimate Change, China, India
2020-08-03Trump Says U.S. Should Get Slice of TikTok Sale Price6WSJTrade, China, WWIII
2020-08-04Alison McDowell - Education in a Digital World, Human Capital Futures, Racial Capitalism6AEVAEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-04What China's pivot towards economic self-sufficiency means6SCMPChina
2020-08-04China accuses US of 'outright bullying' over TikTok6Space WarTrade, China, WWIII
2020-08-05What the Potential Crisis on the Yangtze Means for China and the World6Heritage.orgChina, Disasters, Food Emergency
2020-08-05Men Gesturing at the Sky Before Lebanese Explosion6Twitter StoriesMiddle East
2020-08-06White House Seeks Crackdown on U.S.-Listed Chinese Firms6WSJChina, WWIII
2020-08-07Tencent Stock Plunges After Firm Is Targeted by Trump Executive Order6WSJChina, WWIII
2020-08-07Trump Executive Orders Target TikTok, WeChat Apps6WSJTrade, China, WWIII
2020-08-07Lebanese President: We Will Investigate "Possible External Interference" In Historic Beirut Blast6Zero HedgeMiddle East
2020-08-08Former Australian PM: Beware the Guns of August in Asia6World Socialist WebsiteChina, US, WWIII
2020-08-08U.S. Sanctions Chinese Officials Over Hong Kong Policy-Including Carrie Lam6WSJHong Kong, China
2020-08-10Is This a Remake of the 1941 Hitler Stalin Great War?6F. William EngdahlWWIII
2020-08-10Lightning Strike (?) and Pipeline Explosions in China6Giza Death StarUnanswered Questions, Infrastructure,
2020-08-10China & US War in 3 Months?6Martin ArmstrongChina, US Election, WWIII, Epedemics, Big Brother
2020-08-11China To Expand Its Influence In The Middle East With Major Oil Deal6Oil Price.comChina, Middle East
2020-08-13New Report Reveals US Special Forces Active In 22 African Countries6Zero HedgeResource Wars, Africa
2020-08-14Defense Contracts For Aug. 14, 20206DODMissing Money, MIC
2020-08-18Chinese Surveillance Technology Spreads Around the World6StatistaBig Brother, China
2020-08-20Shipping Containers, French Missiles, Questions and Speculations6Dr. Joseph P. FarrellMIC, Big Brother
2020-08-20The Panopticon Is Already Here6The AtlanticBig Brother
2020-08-20U.S. Allies Reject Trump Administration Bid to Reinstate Iran Sanctions, Opening Diplomatic Rift6WSJMiddle East, WWIII
2020-08-21US Air Force's Top F-16 Pilot Bested by Artificial Intelligence in Dogfight Simulation6Sputnik NewsAI, MIC, SkyNet
2020-08-24Another French Missile Seized in Italy6Giza Death StarWWII
2020-08-26AI Coming to a War (Atrocity) Near You6Dr. Joseph P. FarrellBig Brother, AI
2020-08-26Chinese military fires ‘aircraft-carrier killer’ missile into South China Sea in ‘warning to the United States’6SCMPSouth China Sea
2020-08-28Shinzo Abe Will Resign as Japan’s Prime Minister, Citing His Worsening Health6WSJJapan
2020-08-30Over 50 warships were involved in Russian Navy exercises that surprised Alaska trawlers6AK Public MediaRussia
2020-08-30$16 Billion Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund Approves A 5% Allocation For Gold6Zero HedgeTrade, China, WWIII
2020-09-01New Age Defenses6Lockheed MartinMIC
2020-09-01China plane crash: Taiwan accused of shooting down fighter jet with missile defence system6Tucker Carlson 9 1 20Civil War II, Big Brother
2020-09-02More Geopolitical Fallout from COVID? Russia Reconsidering One Belt ...6Giza Death StarRussia, China, Japan, Epidemics
2020-09-04FCC Estimates Replacing Chinese Telecom Equipment Will Cost at Least $1.6 Billion6NextGovTrade, China, WWIII
2020-09-07US Wants To Convert QUAD Into "Asian NATO"6Antiwar.comChina, WWIII
2020-09-08ISRAEL, INDIA, CHINA, AND AWACS6Giza Death StarChina, India, Weapons, Israel
2020-09-09Speaking of Quadruple Entente… Japan's Pivotal Role6Giza Death StarJapan, BRICS,Russia, China
2020-09-10What Possible Disruption Is Coming That Requires China To Start Massive Stockpiling Of All Possible Commodities6Zero HedgeChina, Commodities
2020-09-11Military Wants Robot Dogs For Base Security And To Test Live Dog Fight Of Human Versus AI6Activist PostDOD, Robotics
2020-09-16Yoshihide Suga Becomes Japanese Prime Minister as Abe Era Ends6WSJJapan
2020-09-24Vladimir Putin suggests international agreement to ban placement of space weapons6The Economic TimesPutin, Russia
2020-9-24CIA’s New Innovation Lab Could Mean Big Paydays for Federal Scientists6NextGovCIA, Innovation
2019-10-31Digital Twin Computing7NTTAI, New Discoveries
2019-12-02In the Age of AI (full film) | Frontline7PBSBig Brother, AI
2020-06-282022: A Vaccination Passport. The EU Keeps Quiet Over Suspicious Documents7Strategic CultureVaccines, Trade, EU, Brexit
2020-07-06Mastercard and Visa may be challenged by a new European payment system7Business InsiderBusiness Institue
2020-07-06U.K. Regulator Orders Big Four to Separate Audit Practices by 20247WSJThe Tapeworm, Audits
2020-07-09Sterling drops as escalating Brexit tensions threaten possible trade deal7CNBCBrexit
2020-07-17Meet Gaia X — Europe's answer to the power of U.S. and Chinese cloud giants7CNBCFrance, DataBeast, EU
2020-08-12Collapse: UK GDP Plunges To 2003 Levels7Technocracy NewsEpidemics, Economics
2020-08-14Where will be added to the quarantine list next? France vows to retaliate against British travellers as No 10 considers fresh travel restrictions on countries that have 20 coronavirus cases per 100,000 people7Daily Mail UKEpidemics, Big Brother, EU
2020-08-19As EU talks sanctions, Putin warns Merkel & Macron foreign interference in Belarus’ affairs is ‘unacceptable’ & could backfire7RTEU, Russia,
2020-08-29Robert F Kennedy Jr, Berlin, Germany 08 29 20207Children's Health DefenseEU, Vaccines
2020-09-30Britain's middle class faces £30billion tax raid to pay for coronavirus bailout with capital gains and corporation taxes both set to be raised7Daily Mail UKEpidemics, Taxes
2015-07-08Technologies of racial finance from slaveinsurance to philanthrocapital8Bonded LifeModern Day Slavery, Big Brother
2020-03-31WHO stands by recommendation to not wear masks if you are not sick or not caring for someone who is sick8CNNEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-05-01Censors crack down on 'Plandemic' conspiracy documentary. What's so dangerous about it?8RTEpidemics, Big Brother, Censorship
2020-05-04Coronavirus Gives a Dangerous Boost to DARPA's Darkest Agenda8Last American VagabondEpidemics, Big Brother, MIC
2020-05-06Coronavirus and Regime Change: Burund's Covid Coup8Off Guardian.orgSudden Violent Deaths, Epidemics, Big Brother
2020-05-09Tennessee Police Arrest Citizen Who Escaped Forced COVID-19 Detention Camp…8The Conservative TreehouseEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-06-09The Queen of England at 2:04-3:05 in early June8Super Crazy 7Sub-humanism
2020-06-18Qantas axes international flights until AUEpidemics, Big Brother, Economics
2020-06-23Our COVID-19 Assumptions Are Wrong: Why Social Distancing & Vaccines Will Make The Pandemic Worse8London RealEpidemics, Big Brother, Vaccines
2020-06-25Are Clinical Trials of Hydroxychloroquine Designed to Kill People to Prove it Should Not be Used?8Need to Know NewsEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-06-29The Media is Lying About the 2nd Wave8Zero HedgeEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-06-30States ordered to fraudulently inflate new COVID-19 cases by 15 times the actual rate! The 2nd wave is a hoax!8Investment WatchEpidemics, Economics
2020-07-01COVI Pass8COVI PassEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-01CDC Admits Mistakes in Covid Case Numbers8Jon RappoportEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-01New York county issues subpoenas to people refusing to talk to contact tracers8The HillEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-01New York COVID Compliance Authority Issue Subpoenas Requiring Forced Depositions With Contact Tracers…8The Conservative TreehouseEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-02Episode 439: The Dubious Origins Of The 'Lockdown Strategy' w/ Jeffrey Tucker8Free Man Beyond the Wall Peter R QuinonesEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-02The most logical explanation is that it comes from a laboratory8MinervaEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-02Tesla to make molecule printers for German COVID-19 vaccine developer CureVac8ReutersVaccines, Creepy Tech, Musk
2020-07-03Dr. Fauci is No Nostradamus: How COVID-19 Ran Amok Under His Watch8VaxxterEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-03Vindicated? Trump-Touted COVID-19 Drug Hydroxychloroquine Works, New Study Funds8Zero HedgeEpidemics, Big Brother, Trump
2020-07-04Comment from Texas -The End Result8Martin ArmstrongEpidemics, Big Brother, USD
2020-07-0580% Of NYC Restaurants Couldn't Afford June Rent8Activist PostEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-05Stanford Doc: COVID Fatality Rate For People Under 45 Is "Almost 0%"8Zero HedgeEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-0681 Percent of Clinical Trial Volunteers Suffer Reactions to CanSino Biologics’ COVID-19 Vaccine That Uses HEK293 Human Fetal Cell Lines8The Vaccine ReactionVaccines, Big Brother
2020-07-06How Big Tech Makes Their Billions8Visual CapitalistBig Tech
2020-07-06Dr. Fauci Warns Any Protection Provided By COVID-19 Vaccine May Be "Transitory"8Zero HedgeEpidemics,Vaccines, Big Brother
2020-07-07July 07, 2020 Lockdown Lunacy 2.0: Second wave? Not even close.8Children's Health DefenseEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-07COVID Reclassification8Coaching ClubEpidemics, Big Brother, TX
2020-07-07Experts Break Down GSA's Abrupt Cancellation of $15B Small Business IT GWAC8NextGovSmall Business, Federal Contracts
2020-07-07Major Tax Increases are About to Slam America as Cities and States Want You to Pay for Covid Fallout8Waking TimesEpidemics, Taxes
2020-07-08Is This The Shape of Things To Come?8Computing ForeverEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-08The Manual for Tyrants to Take Over8Martin ArmstrongCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-07-08Amoral And Ethically Challenged Technocrats Are The Real Pandemic (Audio Only)8Technocracy NewsEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-08United Airlines Warns It May Furlough 36,000 Staff8WSJEpidemics, Economics
2020-07-09COVID-19 Vaccine Operation Warp Speed Firm Linked to HHS’ Robert Kadlec Poised to Become Exclusive Manufacture of COVID-19 Vaccines8Mint Press NewsVaccines, Big Brother
2020-07-09It's All BS ~ CA County Supervisor Speaks Truth About Covid Death Rate Reporting8Citizen Journalist for TruthEpidemics, Big Brother, CA
2020-07-10U.S. Roman Catholic Church used special exemption from federal rules to gain at least $1.4 billion in taxpayer-backed coronavirus aid, AP analysis shows8Chicago TribuneEpidemics, Big Brother, Church
2020-07-10Cuyahoga County starts hotline to report people not wearing masks8Cleveland.comEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-10Climatism8ClimatismClimate Change
2020-07-10Tucker: Our leaders used a health emergency to subvert democracy8Fox NewsEpidemics, Big Brother, Economics
2020-07-10LancetGate: "Scientific Corona Lies" & Big Pharma Corruption - Hydroxychloroquine Versus Remdesivir8Zero HedgeEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-11Scents of A Medical Holocaust……Inside NY City8Jason ChristoffEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-11Whitney: Looks Like Sweden Was Right After All8Zero HedgeEpidemics, Sweden
2020-07-12Florida & New Record in COVID Tests?8Martin ArmstrongEpidemics, Testing Propaganda
2020-07-12It's Just A Mask8The United SpotEpidemics, Big Brother, Satire
2020-07-13Matt Hancock urges shops to call the POLICE if people refuse to wear face masks despite top officers branding the £100 fines 'IMPOSSIBLE' to enforce - as retailers warn the rules are the 'last nail in the coffin' for business8Daily Mail UKEpidemics, Big Brother, Fines
2020-07-13Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Training: Simulation Exercise by WHO8Earth NewspaperEpidemics, WHO
2020-07-13Elon Musk and Tesla Become COVID Vaccine Manufacturers - Will Tesla Owners be Forced to Comply with COVID Measures to be Allowed to Drive their own Cars?8Health Impact NewsVaccines, Big Brother, Musk, Gates
2020-07-14The Clown Cars Are Fully Loaded And Dr. Fauci's Is Leading The Parade8Contra CornerEpidemics, Big Brother, Economics
2020-07-14Covid Cures vs Covid Fears8Corey DigsEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-14The COVID-19 Curve Has Been Flattened8MercolaEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-15Fertility rate: 'Jaw-dropping' global crash in children being born8BBCPopulation
2020-07-15The COVID-19 Lockdown: Economic & Social Impacts - Peter Koenig - The Global Research Report8Global Research TVEpidemics, Big Brother, Economics
2020-07-15The Texas Department of Health finds that Covid-19 is less deadly than the last 2 flu seasons8Twitter StoriesEpidemics, Big Brother, TX
2020-07-16An Inconvenient COVID Truth8Del BigtreeEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-17Robots Taking Over Jobs Amid Pandemic As Boston Dynamics Teaches Atlas Humanoid To Do Gymnastics8Activist PostCreepy Tech
2020-07-17Republicans eye sweeping shield from coronavirus liability8APEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-17The Media's Jihad Against Sweden's No-Lockdown Policy Ignores Key Facts8Zero HedgeEpidemics, Big Brother, Sweden
2020-07-18GreenMedInfo8InstagramEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-19'What the heck's going on?': Kentucky couple slapped with ankle monitors after wife tests positive for coronavirus8The Washington ExaminerEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-20Coronavirus Pandemic: A Crisis That Compels Everyone To Think For Themselves8The Millenium ReportEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-21The WHO admit that an A-Symptomatic person (those that do not have symptoms) can not transfer this virus!!!8Twitter StoriesEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-22Fauci himself 15 years ago said chloroquine was effective at treating coronavirus8Giza Death StarEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-22How COVID-19 Will Affect Medical Malpractice and You8MercolaEpidemics, Law
2020-07-22U.S. States Stall On Contact Tracing Technology8StatistaEpidemics
2020-07-23The COVID-19 Testing Hoax Is About To Go Mainstream8Banned.VideoEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-23D.C. Mask Mandate Exempts Lawmakers and Government Employees8BreitbartEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-23Bill And Melinda Gates Have Sharp Words For U.S.' Lack Of Leadership Role In Fighting Pandemic8ForbesEpidemics, Big Brother, Vaccines, Bill Gates
2020-07-23No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon's U.F.O. Unit Will Make Some Findings Public8NYTSpace, MIC
2020-07-23Perspectives on the Pandemic | Judy Mikovits & Robert Kennedy Jr. (1 of 3) | Episode #108Perspectives on PandemicsEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-25COVID-19"Long Hauler" Symptoms Survey Report, Indiana Univ. School of Medicine8IN School of MedicineEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-25Corporate Insiders Pocket $1 Billion in Rush for Coronavirus Vaccine8NYTVaccines, Big Brother, Economics
2020-07-27Freddie Mac: Mortgage Serious Delinquency Rate increased sharply in June, Highest in 7 Years8Calculated Risk BlogEpidemics, Economics
2020-07-27Big Tech commits Medical Treason by censoring doctors8Natural NewsEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-28Crash the Economy, Burn the Cities, Infect the People - the Evil Plan to Remake America8OENEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-28Potential COVID treatment facing 'intrinsic bias due to non-scientific concerns'8Sky News AustrailiaEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-29Ohio Dept of Health BANS hydroxychloroquine in treating COVID198Breaking 911Epidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-29CDC Director says There are More Suicides and Overdoses than COVID Deaths8Eduardo CorrochioEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-29Online virtual classes are now requiring immunizations for students to attend8IntellihubVaccines, Big Brother
2020-07-29Signs of Cardiac Damage Even in Younger, Nonhospitalized COVID-19 Patients8tCtMDEpidemics
2020-07-30Africa: Burundian President Nkurunziza Dies Suddenly after Expelling WHO for False Pandemic8FRNIIISudden Violent Deaths, Epidemics
2020-07-30On the occult meaning of the term COVID8Geopolitica.ruEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-30Trump: Military Will Distribute Vaccine in a Very Powerful Manner8Headlin with a VoiceVaccines, Big Brother, Trump
2020-07-31Citing Coronavirus, Hong Kong Postpones Legislative Elections for a Year8WSJEpidemics, Big Brother, Hong Kong
2020-07-31Google Says New 'Contact Tracing' App To Launch In Coming Weeks8Zero HedgeEpidemics, Big Brother, FANG
2020-08-01On My Mind: They Blinded Us From Science8Franklin TempletonEpidemics, Economics, Big Brother
2020-08-01Plandemic II: Indoctornation8ISEEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-01In The United States District Court Western Division for the Northern District of Ohio8State of OHLegal Action
2020-08-02Russia Plans For First Mass COVID-19 Vaccinations In October Amid Global Skepticism8Zero HedgeVaccines, Big Brother, Russia
2020-08-03UPS Readies Freezer Farms to Ship Virus Vaccine - If We Get One8BloombergVaccines, Big Brother
2020-08-03Sweden COVID-19 Death Rate Lower Than Spain, Italy and U.K., Despite Never Having Lockdown8NewsweekEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-03Hydroxychloroquine One More Time8Paul Craig RobertsEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-04President Trump signs the Great American Outdoors Act8CNBCEpidemics, Economics
2020-08-05NYC to have COVID-19 checkpoints at major bridges, tunnels; state GOP leader slams move8101WINSEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-05Major U.S. Health Insurers Report Big Profits, Benefiting From the Pandemic8NYTEpidemics, Economics
2020-08-06Thumbs down for hydroxychloroquine from government virus taskforce8SMHEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-06UK Gives Town Councils Power To Bulldoze 'Contaminated' Homes To Contain Outbreak8Zero HedgeEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-08Trump uses Executive Order to Provide Tax & Unemployment Relief the Democrats Refuse to Provide8Martin ArmstrongTrump, Taxes
2020-08-09Fed's Kashkari calls for 6-week economic shutdown to control coronavirus spread8Fox NewsEpidemics, Big Brother, The Fed
2020-08-09Nashville city councilwoman recommends attempted murder charges for some not wearing face masks8The Washington ExaminerEpidemics, Economics
2020-08-09Amazon and Mall Operator Look at Turning Sears, J.C. Penney Stores Into Fulfillment Centers8WSJFANG, Monopoly
2020-08-10Scott Morrison says it's 'unlikely' borders will open by Christmas - and the complete lifting of restrictions isn't looking good either8Business Insider, AUEpidemics, Big Brother, Austrailia
2020-08-10German States Threaten to Take Children From Parents if They Suspect Coronavirus8Martin ArmstrongEpidemics, Big Brother, Germany
2020-08-10Australian Police Will Even Break Windows & Drag People Out of Their Cars8Martin ArmstrongEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-10DNR tells employees to wear masks during Zoom calls, even when they are alone at home8Milwaukee Journal SentinelEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-10Trump’s Executive Orders Sow Confusion and Illusions8Wall St. on ParadeEpidemics, Trump
2020-08-11TDOE Releases Toolkit on Child Wellbeing Checks8Deptartment of Education TNEpidemics, Education
2020-08-11Coronavirus is the New 'Terrorism'8Lew RockwellEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-11Are the COVID Tests a Way to Surreptitiously Infect or Implant People?8Vaccine ImpactEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-12Crucial Viewing - to truly understand our current Viral Issue #Casedemic8Ivor CummingsEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-12'This is no longer a debate': Florida sheriff bans deputies, visitors from wearing masks8Washington PostEpidemics, Big Brother, Sheriffs
2020-08-13Tracking Vaccination Status by Phone is Now Active8The Vaccine ReactionVaccines, Big Brother
2020-08-14Here's Why the "Impossible" Economic Collapse Is Unavoidable8Charles Hugh SmithEpidemics, Economics
2020-08-14Protests Are Rising Worldwide Against these Lockdowns8Martin ArmstrongEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-15Tony Fauci and the Swine Flu Disaster Betrayal of Trust8Jon RappoportEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-15The PR Firm Behind WHO's Celeb Endorsements8MercolaEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-16'On par with North Korea': Three out of four requests to leave Australia refused8SMHEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-17Australia's spirits have "been crushed" by its COVID-19 response: Alan Jones8Sky News AustrailiaEpidemics, Big Brother, AU
2020-08-17Professor: Why Americans Should Adopt Sweden's COVID-19 Model8Technocracy NewsEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-17The USPS Just Filed A Patent For A Blockchain-Based Secure-Voting System8Zero HedgeBig Brother, US Electionsm, Block Chain
2020-08-18Virginia Requires Student Vaccination for Online Learning8MercolaVaccines, Big Brother, Education
2020-08-20Engineered Pandemics -Tyranny by Technocracy8Red Pill UniversityEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-226% of Deaths Were Covid Only8CDCEpidemics, Big Brother, Propaganda
2020-08-23COVID-1984 From A Two Week Lockdown To Mandatory Vaccination & Life In Prison8Spiro SkourasVaccines, Big Brother
2020-08-23Nothing is Now Impossible8Vernon ColemanEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-23Advisor To British Government Warns Coronavirus "Might Be With Us Forever"8Zero HedgeEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-25Idaho House passes resolution to end coronavirus emergency declaration8KTVB7Epidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-25Thousands of Swedes got false positive COVID-19 result due to test kit fault8ReutersEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-26New Insights into How COVID-19 Causes Heart Damage8BioSpaceEpidemics
2020-08-26In the CDC's new recommendations for protecting your child during an emergency at school8FacebookBig Brother, Education
2020-08-27Greece announces up to life in prison for violating coronavirus quarantine rules8Greek City TImesEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-28Putting a Laser Gun to the Head Destroys Your Pineal Gland8AplaneTruth 4uEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-28Russia's Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine gives good immune response, critics donvt understand how it works - Health Ministry expert8RTEpidemics
2020-08-28Breaking: Idaho's House of Representatives Votes to End Coronavirus Emergency Effective Immediately8The DC PatriotEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-28Zagazig University Randomized Controlled Ivermectin Study Results Confirms PI Hypothesis: Drug Effective Against COVID-198TriaSite NewsEpidemics
2020-08-29Shock Report: This Week CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers - Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone - Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses8Gateway PunditEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-29Police Remove Helmets in Berlin8Martin ArmstrongBig Brother, Solidarity
2020-08-29GAO: More Than Half of COVID-19 Government Contracts Not Competitively Awarded8NextGovEpidemics, Economics
2020-08-29Oops: It Looks Like the Vast Majority of Positive COVID Results Should Have Been Negative8Town HallEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-30Patenting Viruses Can Only Be Done if They Are Created in a Lab8Martin ArmstrongPatent, Epedemics
2020-08-30San Francisco's Mass Exodus| Over Half of SF's Storefronts Closed Forever Including My Wife's8NerodroticEpidemics, Big Brother, San Francisco
2020-08-31Chicago Projects $2 Billion Deficit Through 2021 on Pandemic8BloombergEpidemics, Economics
2020-08-31Now Wait a Minute... The CDC's New Numbers8Giza Death StarEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-31Technocrats Freak Out Over CDC's 6% COVID Death Figure8Technocracy NewsEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-01The whole scam just fell apart: COVID test, overwhelming number of false positives8Jon RappoportEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-01Get Involved Join The Movement8OH Stand UpDonations
2020-09-02Shock: Tennessee Technocrats Plan ‘Wellbeing Checks’ For All Children8Technocracy NewsEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-02United Plans to Cut More Than 16,000 Staff8WSJEpidemics, Economics
2020-09-02Apple And Google Update Contact Tracing Software8Market CrumbsEpidemics, Big Brother, FANG
2020-09-04German Health Minister Admits Lockdowns Were a Mistake8Martin ArmstrongEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-04Why Are Moderna Executives Dumping Stock While Developing a Coronavirus Vaccine?8MercolaVaccines, Big Brother
2020-09-06The big DWN corona analysis, part 2: Numbers don't lie - the lockdown was not necessary8DWN.deEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-06CDC Said there Have Been More Suicides Than Death by COVID-198Martin ArmstrongEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-06Scientists can't explain puzzling lack of coronavirus outbreaks in Africa8NY PostEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-0770 to isolate in SA medi-hotels as state's Thebarton cluster grows8Business News AUEpidemics, Big Brother, AU
2020-09-07COVID Tax Increases – Forcing People to Pay For the Political Plandemic8Martin ArmstrongEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-07Spain: Citizens Stop Police From Arresting a Woman For Not Wearing a Mask8Summit NewsEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-08Coronavirus Sweden Close To Victory Over Coronavirus Never Had A Lockdown Or Mask Mandate8Summit.NewsEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-09The pandemic is history -Provisional Death Rate8American ThinkerEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-09Coronavirus Quebec City Says it Will Isolate "Uncooperative" Citizens in Secret Corona Facility8Summit NewsEpidemics, Big Brother, Canada
2020-09-09AstraZeneca Pauses Covid-19 Vaccine Trial After Illness in a U.K. Subject8WSJVaccines, Big Brother
2020-09-10Plasmas, Lasers, Voices in the Head, and…Umm….8Giza Death StarMind Control, Creep Tech
2020-09-11Consultant says shippers using U.S. West Coast ports can't book rail on BNSF and UP8American Journal of TransportationLogistics, Epidemics
2020-09-11This law got passed on the quiet yesterday allowing the harvesting and retention of the DNA of anyone who does a covid test8Twitter StoriesEpidemics, Big Brother, DNA
2020-09-12Germany Stops Harvest, Bans Agriculture as African Swine Fever Reaches Europe8Ice Age FarmerFood Emergency, Big Brother
2020-09-14We say No-- standing in Unity8FacebookVaccines, Big Brother
2020-09-14Ok... It's Officially "Totally Nuts" Now...8Giza Death StarEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-16COVID-19 emails from Nashville mayor's office show disturbing revelation8Fox17Epidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-16Coronavirus Dem Mayor Launches Study That Will Collect Blood Samples From Randomly Selected Houston Homes8Summit NewsEpidemics, Big Brother, Health Freedom
2020-09-16Governors lied & restricted medicine that could have saved lives. They should be held accountable.8Twitter StoriesEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-17New Bestseller Calls out Covid-198Del BigtreeEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-17Dr Tenpenny at the Sheriff Event - Free America Now - Uniting Sheriffs with The People8Dr. Sherry TenpennyEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-17Sky News - COVID-19 The Great Hoax in History as Evidence Surfaces8Martin ArmstrongEpidemics, Big Brother, Australia
2020-09-21Special Solari Report: Covid-19: Ohio Stands Up – Jon Rappoport Interviews Attorney Tom Renz8SolariEpidemics, Big Brother, Propaganda
2020-08-16Rewriting the limits of presidential powers8Sunday MorningBig Brother, Trump
2020-09-14Why a COVID-19 Vaccine Likely Won't Happen Anytime Soon8Corey DigsEpidemics, Big Brother, Vaccines, Bill Gates
2020-09-17Quick Links : Goldman Sachs Conviction Buy List Warren Buffett News Elliott Associates News Follow @Street_Insider Business Wire, Press Releases Get it on Google Play Ufovax Announces Its Self-Assembling NanoParticles as the Next-Generation Vaccine Solution for COVID-198Street InsiderVaccines, Big Brother
2016-08-10Rebuilding communities bisected by I-94 in the Twin Cities9CNUCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-05-16Texas signs $295M deal with MTX Group to manage COVID-19 contact tracing buildup9Houston ChronicleEpidemics, Big Brother, TX
2020-06-02President Trump Stop Judges Attorneys and Guardians from Stealing Our Estates/Murdering Our Parents9Robert Sarhan, MDBig Brother
2020-06-02Does the next Presidential election even matter?9The SakerUS Elections
2020-06-04Antifa Command & Control Structure in field action. Structure, insignia and other identifiers.9American PartisanCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-06-12The Hidden Agenda Behind The Planned Destruction of America with Rosa Koire9Spiro SkourasCivil War II, Big Brother, Agenda 21
2020-06-20What kind of "popular revolution" is this?!9The SakerCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-06-23How Google determines who wins elections - Rico Brouwer and whistleblower Zach Vorhies9BitChuteUS Elections, FANG
2020-06-30Let's Get Real Before Real Gets Us9Corey DigsCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-06-30Huge: Per His Lawyer - General Flynn Was Targeted Because "He Knew About the Billions Brennan and Company Were Running Off the Books"9Gateway PunditMissing Money
2020-07-01SWAT Team Blows Up Family's Home in Search of a Shoplifter-Supreme Court Says So What9Activist PostBig Brother
2020-07-02Black Florida Sheriff Vows to Deputize Gun Owners If Violent Protests Erupt9Need to KnowCivil War II, Sheriff
2020-07-03New Intel: Communist China providing automatic weapons to Antifa, Black Lives Matter… some stored in democrat-run government buildings including East End Complex Capitol building in Sacramento -Block 1749Natural NewsCivil War II, China
2020-07-06Will Never Be Aired on TV9Twitter StoriesCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-07-07Shock poll: Half say violent bid to overthrow US government at least 'somewhat likely' within decade9Just the NewsCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-07-08Are the Democrats a Political Party or a CIA-Backed Fifth Column?9Global ResearchUS Elections
2020-07-11Young White Mother Killed By Black Lives Matter Mob for Allegedly Saying ‘All Lives Matter,’ National Media Fully Ignores9Gateway PunditCivil War II
2020-07-12Army document calling MAGA 'hate speech' also warned of 'weaponized whiteness'9WNDWeaponized Social Justice, Civil War II
2020-07-13Tucker: Imagining an America without police9Fox NewsCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-07-13Bookmark the permalink. Dispatches from the war: Mr. Trump, you’re not Tom Paine9Jon RappoportEpidemics, Civil War II
2020-07-15FOX 35 Investigates: Florida Department of Health says some labs have not reported negative COVID-19 results9Fox35Epidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-15North Carolina City To Apologize For Slavery, Pay Reparations To Black Residents9NPRCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-07-17Mayor of Portland to Trump: Get your troops out of the city9APCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-07-19A Warning from Yugoslavia - Don't Follow What We Did9Martin ArmstrongWeaponized Social Justice, Civil War II
2020-07-23William Binney Makes His Case To The World: There Was No Russian Hack9Schiller InstituteUS Elections
2020-07-29Facebook Calls for the Break-Up of US Government9Martin ArmstrongFANG, Civil War II
2020-08-03Soros Infuses $116K Into McCloskey Prosecutor's PAC Days After Charges Filed9Zero HedgeBig Brother, Soros, Gun Rights
2020-08-04Funding Is Being Reduced For "Nearly Half" Of All Major City Police Departments In America9Zero HedgeCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-08-06YouTube / Google Whistleblower Reveals A Dangerous Agenda!9Spiro SkourasFANG, Big Brother, Censorship
2020-08-08From peanut butter to applesauce, Washington state stockpiles tons of food for the need ahead9Seattle TimesCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-08-10Breaking: Antifa terrorists in Austin, Portland just received a large cache of weapons in preparation for coordinated multi-city "TET offensive" against America9Natural NewsCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-08-10Chicago Braces for More Looting After Chaotic Night9WSJCivil War II, Chicago
2020-08-10President Trump Names Coup Plotters During Press Conference…9The Conservative TreehouseCoup, Big Brother
2020-08-17I Strongly Urge Readers to Leave California, New Jersey, Illinois, Connecticut, & New York9Martin ArmstrongCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-08-17Postmaster General Pressed by Democrats to Testify Before Congress9WSJPost Office, Trump
2020-08-19Antifa and BLM protesters continue their reign of terror9Herald SunCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-08-19Defunding the Police Movement9Martin ArmstrongCivil War II, Big Brother, Gates, Mr. Globa
2020-08-19Trump 2020 #MAGA #Trump20209RFB IITrump
2020-08-20Dr. Steve Pieczenik Surprised by Barr's Attack Deep State 9Info WarsUS Elections
2020-08-21Universal Deceit = Universal Basic Income?9The Morgan ReportUniversal Basic Income
2020-08-27Soros DA Diana Becton Requires Officers Consider Whether a Looter “Needed” Stolen Goods Before Charging9RedStateCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-08-28Drones, Missiles, and Assassination Attempts?9Giza Death StarBig Brother, Black Ops
2020-08-29After Ending Police Contract, Minneapolis Schools Quietly Post Job Listings For Security Guards9Zero HedgeCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-08-30FNC's Carlson Rips Obama for Desecrating John Lewis Funeral with Campaign Slogans "Political Power "Is Their "Religion"9BreitbartCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-08-31Sen. Tom Cotton: Kenosha, Minneapolis carnage will spread until politicians restore order, deter criminals9Fox NewsCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-08-31Pressure mounts on Barr DOJ to identify funders, organizers of violent riots9Just the NewsEpidemics, Big Brother, Civil War II
2020-08-31Over half the people arrested in Kenosha protests are from out of town9NY PostCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-09-01Oregon Sheriffs Reject Gov. Kate Brown's Request to Assist Portland9BreitbartCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-09-01We Assemble Movements9Demand ProtestCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-09-01Intelligence Gathering at Protests, by J.D.9Survival BlogCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-09-05Antifa Reality Check9Archive.isCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-09-10Backing the Blue: Over 80% of voters believe police deserve 'support and respect'9Just the NewsCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-09-11Is Antifa Starting The Wildfires?9Mr. ReaganCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-09-13Bret Weinstein's DarkHorse Podcast - Black Intellectual Roundtable9Bret WeinsteinCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-09-14A Terrifying Eye-Witness Account of the Kenosha Riots: "Everyone in the city was getting ready for a war"9Organic PrepperCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-09-16University of Chicago Declares English Language as Racist9Informed AmericanCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-09-172 Aides for Ilhan Omar Challenger Lacy Johnson Shot, 1 Killed9The Epoch TimesUS Elections, Sudden Violent Deaths
2020-09-19Democratic List of Politicians & Release of 2000 Documents Exposing the Rabbit Hole9Lions Republic EnertainmentSex Allegations, Big Brother
2020-09-25Pushing Back on the Narrative of Modern Systemic Racism & White Privilege by Casey Petersen9Data Driven ConclusionsCivil War II, Big Brother
2015-11-23William Pawelec Interview10Dr. Steven GreerExotic Weapons, Tech
2020-06-24Saagar Enjeti: Bombshell development as Epstein accuser names former Israeli Prime Minister10The HillSex Allegations, Big Brother, Epstein
2020-06-29Ex-Israeli Spy Claims Jeffrey Epstein Blackmailed Politicians For Israel's Mossad10RTEpstein, Israel
2020-07-02Jeffrey Epstein Confidante Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested on Sex Abuse Charges104News NYEpstein, PTB
2020-07-02Meet the Israeli Intelligence-Linked Firm Using AI to Profile Americans and Guide US Lockdown Policy10UNZ ReviewAI, Israel
2020-07-06Head of the Snake - Wexner, Maxwell’s, Mossad & Mega Group Exposed10PVPGURLEpstein, PTB
2020-07-06Saagar Enjeti: Ghislaine Maxwell's friends predict she will 'Sell Out' Bill Clinton, powerful people10The HillEpstein, Big Brother
2020-07-07Ghislaine Maxwell, Wall Street’s Secrets and the U.S. Attorney’s Office10WSJStimulus, Epstein
2020-07-07The Merging of US and Israeli National Security States is Accelerating Amid COVID-19 10Mint Press NewsEpstein, Big Brother
2020-07-08Deutsche Bank Fined $150 Million for Enabling Jeffrey Epstein Where’s the Fine Against JPMorgan Chase?10Wall St. on ParadeEpstein, THe Tapeworm
2020-07-13Transnational organized crime10UndernewsOrganized Crime
2020-07-14Hang On10Twitter StoriesEpstein, PTB
2020-07-18P2: Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case 10Mint Press NewsEpstein, Big Brother
2020-07-20Federal Judge's Son And Husband Shot At Home, Judge Was Assigned To Epstein-Deutsche Bank Case Last Week10The Daily WireEpidemics, Sudden Violent Deaths, Deutsche Bank
2020-07-21Alleged Salas Family Assailant Previously Worked for US/Israeli Intelligence-Linked Firm10Unlimited HangoutSudden Violent Deaths, Epstein
2020-07-21Cybereason Announces New Plans to “Accelerate” Access to US Govt Networks Ahead of 2020 Election10The Last American VagabondIsrael, Tech
2020-07-21Caught! Trump flew on the Lolita Express on January 5, 1997, during the 'Pedo-Parade'10Veterans TodayEpstein, Trump
2020-07-22Warnings of Fascism in America Grow10Wall St. on ParadeEpstein, Big Brother
2020-07-25P1: Government by Blackmail: Jeffrey Epstein, Trump’s Mentor and the Dark Secrets of the Reagan Era10Mint Press NewsEpstein, Big Brother
2020-0707Mega Group, Maxwells and Mossad: The Spy Story at the Heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal 10Mint Press NewsEpstein, Big Brother
2020-08-01Here Are The Top Highlights From Ghislaine Maxwell's Unsealed Court Records10Zero HedgeEpstein, Big Brother
2020-08-17Another Bankster Death, But This Time it's Epstein10Dr. Joseph P. FarrellEpstein, Citibank, Deutschebank
2020-08-238. Covid Kill Switch : A Few Good Jews - Dem Presidential Hopefuls Ambushed on the Streets.. Israel10Brendan O'ConnellUS Elections, Israel, MIC, Russia, China
2020-08-26How the Sacklers Shifted $10.8 Billion of Their Opioid Fortune10BloombergDrugs
2020-09-09Shadow Gate, Street Riots & Israeli Tech Transfer to Russia and China10Brendon O’ConnellBig Brother, Israel
2020-09-09Whitney Webb Uncovers Ashton Kutcher's CIA Linked NGO10Graham ElwoodBig Brother, FANG, Face Recognition
2020-09-20How a Senate Inquiry Revealed the Israeli Surveillance Industry’s Role in Orchestrating Russiagate 10Mint Press NewsRussia
2019-09-20Alan Watt Cutting through the Matrix Interview11Jelmer NijborgMr. Global
2020-07-15Twitter blocked tweets from verified accounts after a massive security breach11Technology ReviewTwitter, Security Breach
2020-08-05Employee put on house arrest while burglar goes free: Store owner joins Tucker11Fox NewsCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-06-30Lockdowns Have Pushed Government Pensions Over the Edge1,2Martin ArmstrongPensions, Epidemics, Tax Increases
2020-08-07Super Woo Radio Episode - 39 Slavery or Sovereignty1,11Super Woo RadioMr. Global, Freedom or Slavery
2020-08-20Club Of Rome: Planetary Emergency Plan Declared1,11Technocracy NewsClimate Change, Big Brother
2020-08-21Biden’'s Best Speech Ever Reveal the Gates Agenda1,11Martin ArmstrongUS Elections, Bill Gates
2020-08-28A Must Hear Speech by David Icke, London Unite For Freedom Rally, Aug 29, 201,11Clare SweeneyEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-24Part 2: The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Global Technocratic Takeover w/ Alison McDowell1,13ArgusFestTechnocracy
2020-08-07Missing Money Update: Thrift Savings Fund–Treasury Account1,2SolariMissing Money, Treasury
2020-06-27Mark Skidmore - $90 Trillion in Treasury Debt - It’s Not Just Bad Accounting1,2USA WatchdogMissing Money
2020-06-29The Elite Technocrats Behind The Global ‘Great Reset’1,2Technocracy NewsMr. Global, Reset
2020-06-30Guaranteed Basic Income & Marxists1,2Martin ArmstrongUniversal Basic Income, Big Brother, Epidemics
2020-07-01Nie Wiedziales O CO Chodzi? To teraz juz wiesz. Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, 30 czerwca 2020 Napisy Pl1,2Książki i EdukacjaEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-14Situation Critical: The Fed. Is About To Sell You Another Massive Lie. Mannarino1,2Gregory MannorinoStimulus, The Fed, Big Brother, Epidemics
2020-08-06The Fed Created an Emergency Lending Program to Hold Interest Rates Down the Tiny Country of Sri Lanka Was the Major User1,2Wall St. on ParadeEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-21About the documents leak1,2BBCThe Fed,Tapeworm
2020-06-27Minneapolis Minnesota Riot Damage, Opportunity Zones, and Fed Banks (A Work in Progress)1,2,3,4,5,9,10,16SolariRiot,
2020-09-23Mapping the Kenosha Wisconsin Riot Damage1,2,3,4,5,9,10,16SolariRiot
2020-08-11FedNow Service1,2,5The FedThe Fed, Mr. Global
2020-08-28The 7 Pillars of Urban Preparedness1,20Organic PrepperPrepping
2020-07-13Using Bank Deposits, JPMorgan Chase Lost $3.2 Billion Trading Stocks and Credit Derivatives in First Quarter1,3Wall St. on ParadeThe Tapeworm, Derivatives
2020-06-30BIS Innovation Hub to expand to new locations in Europe and North America1,5BISThe Fed, BIS
2020-08-01BIS Working Papers No 880 Rise of the central bank digital currencies: drivers, approaches and technologies1,5BISMr. Global, Reset, Crypto
2020-09-09Mastercard Launches Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) Testing Platform, Enabling Central Banks to Assess and Explore National Digital Currencies1,5Master Card Content ExchangeCrytoCrypto, Mr. Global
2020-08-27Deep State Preparing for War?1,6Martin ArmstrongWW III, Big Brother
2020-07-06NewsBreak 81: Confirmed: COVID-19 Plandemic a Known, Live "Training & Simulation Exercise" under WHO1,8Ramola DEpidemics, Big Brother, WHO
2020-08-07Kissinger: Failure to establish post-COVID new world order ‘could set the world on fire’1,8LifeSiteNWO, Big Brother, Kissinger
2020-08-22From Lockdown to Police State: The "Great Reset" Rolls Out1,8Ellen BrownEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-29The COVID-19 Scamdemic, Part 1: The Hard Road To A New World Order1,8Zero HedgeEpidemics, Big Brother, Vaccines, Bill Gates
2020-07-04London Real/David Icke Interview - Removed from YouTube1,8,11Rebel WisdomBig Brother, Censorship, Epidemics
2020-09-13The Plot to Create a Terror-State following Hitler's Playbook1,8,11Martin ArmstrongEpidemics, Big Brother, Reset, Bill Gates
2020-08-25This has all been planed1,8,17Twitter StoriesEpidemics, Big Brother, Vaccines, Bill Gates
2020-08-28Former National Security Council Member Warns of Imminent Hostile Take-Over1,9,11Headline Political VoiceCivil War II, Big Brother
32020-08-03A Graven Image? or Just a Statue?10,11sGiza Death StarIsrael, Free Speech
2020-09-21FinCEN Files: All you need to know about the documents leak2, 10BBCThe Tapeworm, Corruption, TBTF
2020-06-20Catherine Austin Fitts- We are Watching the Mother of All Debt Entrapments2,3USA WatchdogMissing Money, Stimulus, Epidemics
2020-07-01Billionaires' Political Spending Grew 37-Fold in 10 Years2,3BloombergThe Tapeworm, Stimulus
2020-07-15Carlyle Targets $2 Billion for Americas Growth Equity Fund2,3BloombergStimulus
2020-07-20The New "Water Barons": Wall Street Mega-Banks are Buying up the World's Water2,3Global ResearchThe Tapeworm, Water
2020-07-22Jim Cramer blasts SEC's 'outrageous' proposed rule change for institutional investor disclosures2,3CNBCThe Tapeworm, Transparency
2020-08-05Blackstone Reaches $4.7 Billion Deal to Buy Ancestry.com2,3BloombergCorporate Acquisitions
2019-09-07Ripple Labs partner NACHA boasts a strong relationship with Federal Reserve2,5Tron WeeklyCrypto, The Fed
2020-08-11A Looming Pension Crisis Calpers, and China2,6Giza Death StarPension Funds
2020-08-03The Dollar Standard Slipping Out of Control?2,6,7Strategic CultureReserve Currency
2020-07-07Trump Moves to Pull U.S. Out of World Health Organization in Midst of Covid-19 Pandemic2,8WSJEpidemics, Big Brother, WHO
2020-07-14It Starts: Mortgage Delinquencies Suddenly Soar at Record Pace2,8Wolf StreetEpidemics, Economics
2020-07-15Warnings Grow: 'We Are in a Massive Economic Downturn'2,8Wall St. on ParadeEpidemics, Economics
2020-07-11Feds deny Walz's request for aid to rebuild after riots2,9Star TribuneCivil War II, Big Brother, Riots
2020-07-13Ron Paul: Will the Federal Reserve Cause the Next Riots?2,9Ron PaulStimulus, The Fed, Big Brother
2020-08-12$15 Billion In Federal Funding Flows Into Just Five Major U.S. Cities Where Civil Unrest Looms & Police Stand Down$15 Billion In Federal Funding Flows Into Just Five Major U.S. Cities Where Civil Unrest Looms & Police Stand Down2,9Zero HedgeStimulus, Civil War II
2020-08-24Trump to direct federal agencies to move into 'Opportunity Zones3,16NY PostPiratization
2020-06-11Venezuela on Brink of Famine With Fuel Too Scarce to Sow Crops3,20MSN NewsVenezuela, Food Emergency
2020-08-07Short on Money, Cities Around the World Try Making Their Own3,5BloombergCommunity Currencies
2020-09-21When The CIA Considered Weaponizing Lightning3,6ForbesCA, Fires,
2020-09-24Assassiation by Lightning3,6Giza Death StarCA, Fires
2020-08-18Lightning map: 7,393 strikes recorded in California3,6YubaNetCA, Fires, China
2020-08-28Bill Gates Next Project: Building Nuclear Power Plants Across The Pacific Northwest3,6Zero HedgeNuclear, Bill Gates, China
2020-07-20Live USA Map (Placed Based Incedent Info)3,9LiveUAMapPlace Based Info
2020-08-06Intel leak: 20GB of source code, internal docs from alleged breach4,10Bleeping ComputerData Beast
2020-08-08Creepy Assignment4,13,15Twitter StoriesCreepy Tech, Education
2020-07-14Apple invests $400M in California housing as US faces 'tidal wave of evictions'4,14SmartCitiesDiveCreepy Tech, FANG
2020-07-20DARPA's Cocktail Menu of Brave New World Human Control4,15Winter WatchSub-humanism, DOD, Creepy Tech
2020-07-21Permanent 'Fashion Accessory! ~ EWE Will Be Masked For Life..With High Tech Tracers/Sensors!4,15AplaneTruth5Epidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-28Would you put Elon Musk's chip in your brain? Tesla boss unveils his Neuralink implant - which could allow humans to control computers with their minds - then demonstrates it on pigs and appeals for HUMAN volunteers4,15Daily Mail UKCreepy Tech, Musk
2020-09-12Human 2.0 Wake Up Call to the World4,17MercolaVaccines, Big Brother
2020-01-16Moderna Partners with AWS to Explore the 'Software of Life' 4,8,15PharmaLiveTech, Epidemics,Creepy
2020-08-19California Giant Berry Farms Joins IBM Food Trust Blockchain Tracking System5,20CoinTelegraphCrypto, Food Emergency
2020-08-05Cause of death still unclear: Ex-Wirecard manager died in Manila5,6Archyde.comSudden Violent Deaths, Payment Systems
2020-07-14US brands Beijing's South China Sea claims illegal6,16Space WarChina, WWIII
2020-07-23China launches its first unmanned mission to Mars6,16ReutersSpace Exploration, China
2020-07-23China has Lost its Planted Crops: Real Time Floods Update6,20Giza Death StarChina, WWIII
2020-08-06The Explosion in Beirut6,20Giza Death StarUnanswered Questions, Food Emergency, Middle East
2020-08-27Shadowplay revisited: how Eurasia is being reshaped6,7The SakerChina, Eu
2020-09-09Shadow Gate, Street Riots & Israeli Tech Transfer to Russia and China6,9,10Brendon O'ConnellMr. Global, Reset
2020-07-07Israel Defense Ministry Launches COVID-19 Voice Test for Americans8,10Green Med InfoVaccines, Big Brother, Israel
2020-07-10Is COVID-19 Making Everybody Crazy?8,10Mad in AmericaEpidemics, Mental Health
2020-07-11Churches Report Chicago Officials are Threatening to Bulldoze Their Facilities for Not Complying with COVID-19 Mandates8,11Big League PoliticsWar on Churches
2020-08-05COVID and Museum Closures8,11Giza Death StarEpidemics
2020-08-18Rocco Galati, COVID-19 Supreme Court Lawsuit8,11Ray BrownEpidemics, Big Brother, Law Suit
2020-08-19New Zealand's High Court rules country's first lockdown was UNLAWFUL - with people wrongly forced to stay at home for nine days8,11Daily Mail UKEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-27Target stores to close Thanksgiving amid COVID-19 pandemic, following Walmart's holiday closing announcement8,11USA TodayEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-29David Icke's Speech at the Unite for Freedom Rally 8,11Banned VideoEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-24Have People Forgotten Where They Are?8,12Truthstream MediaEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-29House passes set of bills that give child care industry a more than $60 billion bailout8,12CNBCBig Brother
2020-07-20Immunity Due To TB Inoculation Points Directly To Coronavirus BioEngineering - Part 278,15RenseEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-16Codename: Operation Virus Identification 2019 the Elitist Plan to Remake Society8,15UNZ ReviewEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-27FDA Nears Approval of Injectable Biochip Implants for COVID Detection, Linked to Computers8,15SteemitCreepy Tech, Gates
2020-09-04As Covid-19 Depletes Blood Supplies, Scientists Test an Alternative8,15WSJEpidemics, Artificial Blood
2020-09-11COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity8,15James Corbett911, Epedemics, Reset
2020-08-06Components of mRNA Technology "Could Lead to Significant Adverse Events in One or More of Our Clinical Trials," says Moderna8,15,17Children's Health DefenseVaccines, Big Brother
2020-08-13The Planscamdemic, GMO's and Vaccines8,15,17Giza Death StarGMO, Epidemics, Vaccines, Big Brother
2020-07-07New Docs: NIH Owns Half of Moderna Vaccine8,17Children's Health DefenseEpidemics, Big Brother, Vaccines, Bill Gates
2020-07-13Medical Journal Suggests Loss of Employment for Any Person Who Refuses to Take COVID-19 Vaccine8,17Big League PoliticsVaccines, Big Brother
2020-07-16Rapid, specific disease detection in both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals8,17DARPAEpidemics, Big Brother, DARPA
2020-08-07If Bill Gates Was President...8,17Spiro SkourasEpidemics, Big Brother, Vaccines, Bill Gates
2020-08-18Australia Prime Minister Puts Citizens On Notice: All Will Likely Undergo Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations8,17Zero HedgeVaccines, Big Brother, AU
2020-08-21COVID-19 era highlights U.S. 'black hole' compensation fund for pandemic vaccine injuries8,17ReutersVaccines, Big Brother
2020-09-26Welcome to the Flu World Order8,17BitChuteEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-07-21Yale Epidemiologist: Hydroxychloroquine Could Save 100,000 Lives If Widely Deployed8,18Zero HedgeEpidemics
2020-07-13The BIS and DIgital Currency8,2Dr. Joseph P. FarrellStimulus
2020-07-20Rural home prices rise as people consider leaving cities during pandemic8,20The Rural BlogEpidemics, Real Estate
2020-07-09Securing Land and Property Rights in the Post Pandemic World.8,9Land Portal, PrindexPrivate Property, Big Brother
2020-07-15Philly Mayor's Ban On Large Events "Does Not Apply" To Protests Or "Demonstrations"8,9Zero HedgeEpidemics, Civil War II
2020-07-13Position Statement8,9,11James Howard KunstlerEpidemics, Civil War II, Big Brother
2014-03-14Augmentation of cognitive brain functions with transcranial lasers9,11NCBILasers, Brain Function
2018-08-28Dr. Joe Dispenza - Learn How to Reprogram Your Mind9,11FightMediocrityinspiration
2020-07-06For riot-damaged Twin Cities businesses, rebuilding begins with donations, pressure on government9,11Star TribuneCivil War II, Big Brother, Land Grabs
2020-07-24The Seattle police chief is sending out letters telling residents: "We cannot enforce the law. You are on your own."9,11Twitter StoriesCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-08-10Private Prison Simulation Game Goes Viral on Apple App Store9,11MIntpress NewBig Brother, Economics
2020-06-20With Chaos Spreading/Tyranny Expanding we must Unite to Defend Ourselves.9,11,12Ammon BundyCivil War II, Big Brother
2017-05-12The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump9,12MarcoTrump, Russia, Organized Crime, Sex Allegations
2020-06-28Report: Leader of Group Handling "BLM Fundraising" is a Convicted Terrorist Who Carried Out Bombings in NYC and DC9,12ManessCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-09-02President Trump Says He's Defunding New York City9,12CBSCivil War II, Big Brother, Trump
2020-09-02Gov. Cuomo: Trump had 'better have an army' to protect him if he comes to NYC9,12NY PostCivil War II, NYC
2020-09-28Murdoch Media Properties Bury Times’ Bombshell on Trump’s Tax Returns1Wall St. on ParadeTrump, Taxes
2020-09-27Dark Journalist - Catherine Austin Fitts: The Deep State Chaos Op1Dark JournalistDeep State, Reset, Civil War II
2020-09-03Basic Income Experiments Around the World1Visual CapitalistUBI, Reset
2020-09-24Shhh! Don't Tell the Fed these Wall Street Banks Have Tanked 34 to 48 Percent Year-to-Date. (The Fed Thinks They're a "Source of Strength")2Wall St. on ParadeThe Fed, TBTF/TBTJ
2020-09-21Leaked files Expose $2.7 trillion Money Laundering by Big Banks2Martin ArmstrongTBTF/TBTJ, Corruption, Missing Money
2020-09-30JPMorgan Chase Admits to Two New Felony Counts Brings Total to Five Felony Counts in Six Years All During Tenure of Jamie Dimon2Wall St. on ParadeTBTF/TBTJ, JPM
2016-01-19Banker Suicides Is Something Going On?2ITM TradingBanks, Sudden Violent Deaths
2020-09-23Insolvent Deutsche Bank Fraudsters - A litigation hypertext from shyreman.com2Shyreman, SGT ReportSex Allegations, Big Brother, Bankers
2020-09-22Financial Stateof the States 20202Financial State of the States 2020Budgets, Pension Funds, Taxes
2020-09-24CIA’s New Innovation Lab Could Mean Big Paydays for Federal Scientists2NextGovBig Brother, Creepy Tech
2020-09-23Money laundering fuels ‘rampant criminality,’ senator says. Will lawmakers do something?2Miami HeraldFinCen, FL
2020-09-23‘Wired to make money’: Barclays’ private bankers serve ultra-rich, as watchdogs sound alarms2ICIJTBTF/TBTJ, The TapeWorm
2020-09-213-Count Felon, JPMorgan Chase, Caught Laundering More Dirty Money2Wall St. on ParadeTBTF/TBTJ, Corruption
2020-09-21FinCEN Files: All you need to know about the documents leak2BBCTBTF/TBTJ, The Tapeworm, Corruption
2020-09-22With Deutsche Bank's help, an oligarch's buying spree trails ruin across the US heartland2ICIJDeutsche Bank, Corruption, TBTF/TBTJ
2020-04-0120-5 Reviving the Potency of Monetary Policy with Recession Insurance Bonds2PIIEThe Fed, Cryptos, Big Brother
2020-09-16Amazon Plans to Put 1,000 Warehouses in Suburban Neighborhoods3BloombergFANG, Monopoly
2020-09-30Despite Pandemic and Worst Downturn Since 1930s, Investors Margin Debt Grew by 15 Percent Since January3Wall St. on ParadeEpidemics, Big Brother, Economics
2020-09-30Wi-Fiber Tech Drives Ultimate SMART City Surveillance Systems4Technocracy NewsData Beast
2020-09-25The Focus Of AI Is Shifting From 'Data' To 'Knowledge'4Technocracy NewsData Beast, AI
2020-09-24Two new bills in Congress would clarify agency jurisdiction over cryptocurrency4Coin CenterCrypto, Jusrisdiction
2020-09-22Under The Radar: Internet Of Things Explodes In 20204Technocracy NewsIOT, Surveillance, Big Brother
2020-09-24In Unprecedented Monetary Overhaul, The Fed Is Preparing To Deposit "Digital Dollars" Directly To "Each American"5Zero HedgeThe Fed, Stimulus
2019-10-30Ron Paul: No, cryptocurrency is not something the Fed should be getting its 'hands around'5Fox NewsThe Fed, Cryptos
2020-09-30Trump Approves Railroad to Help Alberta6Martin ArmstrongOil, Trump, Infrastructure, CA
2020-09-28Meng Wanzhou: The PowerPoint that sparked an international row6BBCTrade, China, WWIII
2020-09-25The Second Wave Of COVID-19 Will Be A Casedemic, Not Pandemic6Technocracy NewsEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-23South Bathurst man arrested in police, ABF, US Homeland Security AUBig Brother, International Police
2020-09-17China is Killing the Dollar6Gold MoneyChina, Economics, USD
2020-09-25 Fire breaks out in Huawei research lab in China6India TV5G, China
2020-09-29Two-Shot Vaccine Requirement Will Lead To Vaccine Chaos8Technocracy NewsVaccines, Big Brother
2020-09-29Vitamin D Cuts SARS-CoV-2 Infection Rate by Half8MercolaEpidemics, Alt Health
2020-09-17'Dr Mike Yeadon: "Government are using a Covid-19 test with undeclared false positive rates"'8talkRADIOEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-18CDC Reverses Relaxation of Covid-19 Testing Recommendations8WSJEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-21Theories, Evidence, and Bombshells8Corey DigsGates, Trump, Vaccines, Transhumanism
2020-09-30Western Australia Can Restrain Citizens And Forcibly Remove Clothing To Vaccinate8Technocracy NewsVaccines, Big Brother
2020-09-29Vast Military Operation To Deliver 300 Million Doses Of COVID Vaccine8Technocracy NewsVaccines, Big Brother
2020-09-28New document reveals scope and structure of Operation Warp Speed and underscores vast military involvement8StatVaccines, Big Brother, DOD
2020-09-25Florida's Governor Lifts All COVID-19 Restrictions On Businesses Statewide8NPREpidemics, Big Brother, FL
2020-08-30Shocking New Law: German State Will Confiscate Children and Place Them in Government ‘Forced Isolation’ Corona Facilities (video)8RAIR FoundationEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-28Money Talks III - corona-schadensersatzklage.de8Dr. Reiner FuellmichEpidemics, Legal Action
2020-09-05Two-thirds of Americans say they won’t get a coronavirus vaccine8BGRVaccines, Big Brother, Push Back
2020-09-25COVID-19 Tearing Families Apart8Martin ArmstrongEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-10'Britons would ''go to prison before being injected'' as distrust of Covid vaccine grows'8Express UKVaccines, Big Brother, UK
2020-06-08Positive Covid-19 tests kept a mom and baby apart for 55 days. Experts see it as a bigger testing problem8Stat NewsEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-17New Pentagon-Google Partnership Suggests AI Will Soon Be Used to Diagnose Covid-198Unlimited HangoutFANG, DOD, AI, Epidemics
2019-09-01Transition Integrity Project8WikiUS Elections
2020-09-17Group of ‘armed citizens’ confronts health workers conducting random COVID-19 testing8Twin CitiesEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-18Nashville Mayor Concealed COVID-19 Data to Enforce Shutdowns8MercolaEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-08-29Dr. Reiner Fullmich Starting Litigation on Validity of PCR Test8BitChuteEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-09-25Psycho-Electric Weapons9Dr. Joseph P. FarrellEMF
2020-09-29Project Veritas Exposes Corruption in Harvesting Peoples Ballots9Martin ArmstrongUS Elections,
2020-09-15The USA on the brink of civil war9Voltaire.netCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-09-21Department Of Justice Identifies New York City, Portland And Seattle As Jurisdictions Permitting Violence And Destruction Of Property9DOJCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-09-24Steve Bannon Says War Begins on Nov. 3rd – a podcast with Col. Lawrence Wilkerson9The Analysis NewsEpidemics, Election, Civil War II
2019-09-18Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case10Mint Press NewsEpstein, Mossad, Israel, Organized Crime
2020-07-02Meet the Israeli Intelligence-Linked Firm Using AI to Profile Americans and Guide US Lockdown Policy10Last American VagabondEpidemics, Big Brother, Israel
2020-09-07The Merging of US and Israeli National Security States is Accelerating Amid COVID-1910MIntpress NewsEpidemics, Big Brother, Israel
2020-09-11How a Senate Inquiry Revealed the Israeli Surveillance Industry’s Role in Orchestrating Russiagate10Mint Press NewsIsrael, US Elections
2019-08-07Mega Group, Maxwells and Mossad: The Spy Story at the Heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal10MIntpress NewsEpstein, Mossad, Maxwell, Mega Group
2020-09-21The Gordian Knot1,11Truthstream MediaBig Brother, TBTF/TBTJ, Corruption, FedGov.Inc
2020-09-25Bill Gates Global Agenda & How We Can Resist His War On Life1,4,8,13,17Dr. Vandana ShivaEpidemics, Big Brother, Vaccines, Bill Gates
2020-09-19Hyperinflation, Fascism and War: How the New World Order May Be Defeated Once More1,6Canadian PatriotThe Tapeworm, Mr. Global
2020-09-30Proof that the pandemic was planned & with purpose1,8Principa-ScientificEpidemics, Big Brother
2020-03-0120-4 Securing Macroeconomic and Monetary Stability with a Federal Reserve Backed Digital Currency2,5PIIEThe Fed, Cryptos, Big Brother
2020-02-10Forget prisons, the future of punishment will be virtual2,5WiredPrisons, Big Brother, Virtual Reality
2020-09-21Gig Economy Company Launches Uber, But for Evicting People2,8Vice.comEpidemics, Economics
2020-09-24Watch: The Truth in 11 Minutes: Kyle Rittenhouse3,9Prepared to ProtectCivil War II, Big Brother
2020-09-21Microsoft Debuts Ground Station Solution Azure Orbital with Satellite Partners4,14Via SatelliteSpace, Satellites, Data Beast
2020-09-17A DARPA-Funded Implantable Biochip to Detect COVID-19 Could Hit Markets by 20214,8,15MIntpress NewsVaccines, Big Brother, Implants, Transhumanism
2020-08-23Magna Carta 20208,11For the Of theUK, Big Brother
2020-09-25Petition: Oppose Governor Abbott's Upcoming Vaccine Mandate8,17Texans for Vaccine ChoiceEpidemics, Vaccines, Big Brother
2020-09-16Is There A Flu Shot / COVID Link? -Questions For Corbett #0688,17James CorbettEpidemics, Vaccines
2020-09-27Medical doctors and lawyers allied against global malfeasance: in conversation with Heiko Schoning8,17Een Oorlog Reeds VerlorenEpidemics, Big Brother
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