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Question #1: How do we keep our minds free of mind control technologies? How do we help others understand that such technologies exist and are manipulating, addicting and influencing us? What is the relationship between mind control and reducing millions of people to poverty through the pandemic. Are people dependent on government subsidies more suseptible to mind control? How does the QAnon op and other fear and hope porn fit in?

Question #2: How important are invisible and secret weaponry and technology to the replacement of global currency systems with crypto control systems?

Question #3: How are invisible technologies being used to engineer civil wars, turn people against each other and engage in disaster capitalism?

Question #4 Where did Mr. Global invest the $21 trillion, the $24+ trillion, and where is the new 2020 central bank and fiscal stimulus going? Cui bono Covid-19? How does this relate to the financing and reinvestment of the hedge funds and private equity firms?

Question #5: What do you think the command structure for the ANTIFA/BLM armies and related covert operations looks like? How does it relate to reinvestment in real estate and building out of the smart grids? How does it relate to Opportunity Zones? How does it relate to narcotics trafficking gangs and networks? How does it relate to military and intelligence capacity and corporate contractors and mercenaries?

Question #6: How important is FASAB 56 to what is happening? How important is the increased secrecy of major investors? How does this related to the recent updates on the Missing Money?

Question #7: Why is there a great poisoning underway? Why is there an ongoing global program to increase the levels of aluminum, other heavy metals, and nanoparticles or nanotechnology in humans? Is the push for Neuralink because humans will be more intelligent accessing AI, easier to control and integrate with robots, or because the elites want and need access to uniquely human intelligence and consciousness?

Question #8: High-tech risks: Should we beware high-tech fires, the push for immortality, DNA editing, 5G+ mind control and assassinations, and the interbreeding of humans with other species? What else? What else? What should we do to learn more about Weather Warfare, Interdimensionality and Time Travel and Geophysical Risks?

Question #9: Will India start a war with Pakistan? When will China invade Taiwan? Will the U.S. and China go to war, or separate the Internet and financial markets? Are China and the U.S. pitted in a win-lose position in the orbital platform and space race? What about Russia? How far might other countries’ conquests go once it becomes clear the U.S. will no longer play global cop? What is the emergence of the Quad and why is the change in Japan’s PM so important?

Question #10: How will the U.S. government and central bank be reengineered after FASAB 56, the 2020 ops and elections, and after the JEDI contract is in place? Is the Plunge Protection Team being reengineered or privatized? How critical are the use of major clouds for economic warfare to the takeover of business and market share by private equity firms.

Question #11: What will happen to U.S. land and real estate as a result of changes underway? What about the existing energy model? Will energy delivered by wireless technology at low cost be implemented soon?

Question #12: Who is Mr. Global, what is the governance structure on Planet Earth, and what are the risk issues that are driving Mr. Global’s actions?

Question #13: Which is stranger—what is going on behind the veil of secrecy, or the overwhelming effort to pretend it is not going on and to create an official reality diverging steadily from reality?

Question #14: Given the tsunami of occult and demonic practices and symbols, should we be concerned about the interaction between AI and interdimensional intelligence?

Question #15: Who is burning the churches of France and why? Why is there an attack on Christianity in many parts of the world? Should we be concerned that the depopulation efforts are focused on Christians? Does this explain the real targeting of US African-American communities?

Question #16: Is moving education using Covid-19 on line a step to privatization and a corporate take over of education?

Question #17: What is Mr. Global going to do next with the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Question #18: Why are the Australian and NZ lockdowns so brutal-what does it have to do with Pine Gap and Antarctica?

Question #19: When are robotics and automation going to go up the S curve? Will the defund the police movement turn out to be an install robot and drone police wave?

Question #20. Can the Covid-19 to Climate Change Bait and Switch really work?

Question #21: What are the supporting facts and arguments for optimism?

Question #22: What is most on the minds of members of Giza Death Star and the Solari Report subscribers? What can we do this year to hlep improve the learning speeds in our shared intelligence networks?



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